Printing on a Heidelberg Windmill with Judith Berliner: Learn the ins and outs of the Cadillac of presses, the Heidelberg Windmill, from makeready (what, there isn’t any?), to roller adjustment, to feeder finesse, to washup. You never knew running a Windmill could be so easy and fun!

Wood Engraving with Gaylord Shanilec: A class in two parts: the first is a two-hour basic wood engraving workshop, and the second is a two-hour basic multi-color printing workshop. Students will cut a simple block in the wood engraving workshop, and then transfer it onto a second color block in the multi-color printing workshop.

Moving a Windmill with Jim Daggs: All you need can be obtained from Home Depot and U-Haul – A lesson in how the Hebrew children built the Pyramids.

Reviving your Windmill with Jim Daggs: De-gunking and respitory therapy for your little German friend.

Printing on your Windmill with Jim Daggs: Bring your form and paper . . . we’ll setup and run your job, troubleshooting as we go!

Making a Book out of Nothing with Jessica Peterson: In this class, we will explore content development, bookmaking techniques, page layout and letterpress printing as it relates to limited edition publishing and artists’ books. Yes, that’s right, you will generate your own beautiful letterpress-printed publishing project in only three days! Have a hard time coming up with good ideas? Want to learn how to make a limited edition book? Want to learn the rulers of page design (and then break ‘em?) Want to to make a multi-page book from a single piece of paper? This class has all the answers!

No Job Too Small: Platen Press Printing with Barbara Henry: The jobbing platen is the best way to print business cards, invitations, note cards, and any “small” job requiring a large number of copies. Students will set type and lock it up in a chase, register the form on the paper and learn to coordinate hands and feet to use the machine safely.

Make a Paper Enclosures, Portfolios, & Pockets with Rory Sparks

Make a Slip Case with Chemise & Easel with Rory Sparks

Make a Lidded box with Lift with Rory Sparks

Vandercook Maintenance with Paul Moxon: A problem solving workshop to improve the technical quality of presswork. We will examine the press adjustments of a Universal I Vandercook including packing, lockup and registration assemblies. We will also discuss ink, plate and paper options. By standardizing materials one can “minimum makeready” to achieve maximum results — just like Vandercook intended. Bravely bring examples of your worst printing to critique in class.

Wood Type History, Design, and Production with Scott Moore: A three-hour, hands-on workshop on the history, process, and design of wood type. Emphasis will be placed on participants using a small-line pantograph to experience the actual process of cutting their own wood type. An assortment of historically inspired wood patterns will be provided, along with other patterns. Assorted sizes of type high end grain hard maple type blocks will be provided as well. Participants will take home information about wood type and a piece of wood type they cut themselves. This is a hands-on class with a one-hour lecture, and will include samples and type specimen books to examine, and at least two hours of type cutting as a group. Additional time on the pantograph can be arranged as needed.

Linotype and Intertype! with Tim Fay and Jim Daggs: The instructors hope to acquaint students with the history and significance of the Linotype and Intertype. Basic structure and function of the machines will be demonstrated. Students will learn the pros and cons of securing, owning and maintaining these machines. Each student will have the opportunity to set type and make corrections. Some casting of decorative material will be undertaken. Each student is asked to bring some kind of copy to set (length may be determined by number of students in workshop).

Poster Printing on a Handpress with Rick Von Holdt
A one-day workshop that will start with general design; participants will be provided with a wide range of samples that they can study for ideas and inspiration. All of the type at Printers’ Hall will also be available to them as well as additional fonts of wood type/borders/ornaments that those attending can use for their designs. Their posters will be set-up in galleys so that they can be printed either on a flatbed proof press or one of our Washington-style handpresses.

Reductive Linocutting with Liz Munger
Reductive linocuts in combination with multiple printing techniques such as collagraphs and pressure prints.

Postcard Printing with Sarah McCoy
Participants will create a postcard set/series utilizing vintage engravings, wood type, and possibly polymer plates. Postcards theme will revolve around Iowa (corn, veggies, rural scenes) and will be mailed from Mt. Pleasant.

Commercial Platen Press Printing with Kseniya Thomas: Platens once ruled the letterpress world, and they may yet again as Vandercooks become more scarce and sought-after. Platens, in all their hundreds of varieties, are simple and efficient machines capable of tight registration, 1000 impressions an hour, and fine printing as well as just-fine printing. Come learn their ins and outs with decade-long-platen-press lover Kseniya Thomas, owner of Thomas-Printers and co-director of Ladies of Letterpress. In this super-speedy intensive we’ll cover maintenance, safety, working with photopolymer plates and type, makeready, inking, complex registration, and multi-color work; there will be ample demonstration time as well as practice time. Previous printing experience preferred.

4-Up with a Side of Bearers with Marnie Powers-Torrey and Claire Taylor: Leave your ink balls at home! We’ll bring the roller and platen bearers to serve up some short-order printing with fine press flair. On an iron handpress, we’ll produce a collaborative booklet that dishes out some post-millenial perspective on the power of the platen. Our goal is a sheet printed 4-up, but the emphasis is on press set up, make ready, and inking rather than a polished product. No plates— we’ll get our fingers dirty while rediscovering the value of well-set type and a well-balanced platen.


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